Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Teacher and His Students

In a kingdom of far, far away, there is a classroom with a teacher and some students. The teacher is a fierce, biased dictator who bullies the students everyday.

Every few years there is an election where the students get to choose their teacher for the next few years. One day, some of the students feel that they have had enough of unfairness. They feel that the teacher has been unfair in the election. The teacher doesn't allow much open discussion about the election, he gives different weight to votes from different students (votes from his supporters have more weight), and sometimes the votes come from obscure sources. So the student decided to walk peacefully to the Principal's office to hand in a request for a better election.

The teacher caught the "delinquent" students in their paths. He took off the students' pants, let his dogs out to chase them, sprayed water at them with the garden hose, and blamed the wet floor on the students. Then the teacher made an announcement in the classroom:

"Sending request to Principal for better election is not part of our school culture. Those students must be deterred and punished at once, so that the peaceful learning environment in our school is not polluted by the evil forces. Remember, requests always end in VIOLENCE."
The not-so-delinquent students cheered and clapped and nodded at the teacher's remark. In the next election, the same teacher get re-elected by the not-so-delinquent students.

The story ends. What a stupid school.


Winson Kang said...

OMG! Deja vu. :)

Eric Fu said...
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Eric Fu said...

Oh dear. Such school exists huh? Wait, I somehow think that I am affiliated with that school. Dang, was I a graduate from that stupid school?

The Principal ought to speak out on this issue. I mean, although he is not omniscient, I am sure there are enough CCTV installed for him to be aware of this issue.

This teacher just needs to get a slap on his face. A real hard one.

Also, the teacher ought to have his teaching assistant fired. How good could an instructor be when he thinks that a rally of 1000 students or so is minority?

Weijian said...

Gosh, I graduated from that school too!! And WOW, the school's sports department must have earned a lot of money, because suddenly so many students bought the Yellow House T-shirt =P

jasmine said...

hmm...weijian what does the yellow house t-shirt refer to?

flyingspirit said...

ahh...some serious slaps right on target
don't get the yellow house tshirt thing too though. lol

youngyew said...

The yellow shirt refers to the colour of the BERSIH campaign.

Read more about it here: