Monday, November 05, 2007

The Worst Thing of Being Sick

Stay away from me
Damn you stupid flu
The worst thing of being sick is not being sick itself.

What happens is this: When you are sick, you feel dizzy, heavy, achy and tired. So you take a couple of Panadols, and after a while you feel much better. For the next few hours the energy comes back to your body. You feel alive and kicking. No more chills and coldness. You even look for the fan.

Five or six hours later, you start thinking, "Oh well, finally the fever is over, I am fine and let's stop this Panadol."

But then the Panadol starts to wear off, and you start feeling dizzy, heavy, achy and tired again. And you are forced to repeat the whole process.

The six-hourly disappointment is the worst thing of being sick.