Monday, November 19, 2007



这些年来,平时阅读的医学论文啦,网站啦,博客啦,全都是英文的;所以现在除了偶尔读些 星洲日报的评论,一些朋友的博客之外,中文字都没看到几个。记得那天荣进告诉我说,他比较习惯阅读中文报,因为读起来可以一目十行,理解比较容易;而阅读英语文章时,感觉上比较吃力一点。说来惭愧,现在我倒是相反,中文读起来已经比英文慢了。



I have not written in Chinese for a long time. I don't know even know whether I could still write a fluid Chinese essay.

In recent years, things that I usually read like medical journals, websites, blogs, are almost written predominantly in English. Nowadays, apart from an occasional read of columns in SinChew Jit Poh, as well as some friends' blogs, I hardly have any exposure to Chinese characters. The other day Yong Chin told me that he is more used to reading Chinese papers, as he can read it faster and comprehend easier. When he reads English article, he says, it is quite strenuous. Embarassingly, it's the opposite situation for me at the moment, as I now read Chinese slower than English. [To think that I was rather confident with my Chinese when I was in Malaysia. Sigh.]

Well, I better preserve my mother tongue well, let it not deteriorate any further in the future!


Wun Min said...

I agree with you on this. Since I left my secondary school to further my studies in KL and later the States, I have not been using Mandarin frequently. Reading Chinese articles is still fine with me but I'm having trouble remembering how to write the characters. >.<

ShouFarn said...


Seriously, i'm starting to doubt what my main language is. Spokenwise, my cantonese is still more fluent than my mandarin, and likewise english.

But vocab wise.. i notice myself using english more and more when i get to the abstract stuff...

hhhcce said...

As for me, although I left my secondary for already like three years, I still can write decent Chinese. :).

youngyew said...

Wun Min: Haha while I do remember how to write most words, I do face the same problem as you sometimes. In those cases, I would turn to computer to find the actual characters. :P

Shoufarn: I guess it's due to how our brains are attuned to describing things in English, having to speak English and read in English most of the time.

hhhcce: Good on you. :)