Thursday, May 01, 2008

Britain's Got Talent - Michael Jackson

I just have to share this:


Dhan said...

Hello Chang Yang !
I found your blog from Recom by accident and I must say it's a very fascinating blog.

If you don't mind , I would certainly like to link your blog up to mine , that is IF you don't mind :D

Kudos to your blogging talent and Keep it up !

I'm Dhanika by the way , A form 6 student in Subang .. XD


Anonymous said...

Absolutely bloody brilliant!


changyang1230 said...

dhan: Thanks a lot for linking to me. Nice to see you there too! :) Are you one of the members in ReCom too?

WK: Amanda's british accent is ABsolutley BLOOdy pleasing to hear. :P