Sunday, May 04, 2008

Of Happiness and State of Content

Be happy and be contented can be different.

Sometimes in pursuit of happiness, we let desire dominate our thoughts. In doing so, happiness often comes hand in hand with disappointment, especially when our desires are not fulfilled.

State of content, on the other hand, is a state independent of worldly desire, where you have a fulfilled psyche without the side effects of euphoria. So the state of content is arguably more desirable (pardon the adjective) than state of happiness in our life.

This may sound a bit like Buddhism philosophy (it actually is), but such attitude should be applicable for everyone regardless of your faith.

Image Credit: Blissful Travel


bluez said...

I thought to be different is to be persecuted lol :P

Jyue Loh said...


Sorry, I really don't know how to translate “喜悦”&“欢喜” into English.

Jasmine said...

We once had a debate on 知足常乐/不知足常乐.
In my opinion