Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Eyeballing Game

Just to introduce you something I found quite interesting - The Eyeballing Game.

The game works by showing you a series of geometries that need to be adjusted a little bit to make them right. A square highlights the point that needs to be moved or adjusted. Use the mouse to drag the blue square or arrowhead where you feel it is 'right'. Once you let go of the mouse, the computer evaluates your move.

Without using any aids, my highest score after five tries is 2.72 although the other scores are around 4. Have a go at it. :)


WP said...

Interesting, thanks for the link! I'm at 2.39 now, and I believe I'll try again later :P

Jyue Loh said...

I like this game. It is really interesting!

changyang1230 said...

Glad that you like it. :D