Sunday, October 19, 2008

Food @ Melbourne

Apart from my rambling about IndoMie Mi Goreng recipe, I have never blogged much about food. I am not too much of a food photographer, but I do appreciate the beauty in the food brought out by good food photographers like Jian Wey. Here go a few random food pictures in the past few months:

Smoked Salmon (by changyang1230)
Smoked salmon at Hanging Rock Cafe, Macedonian Range. Nice food at an affordable price.

Lights! (by changyang1230)
A cake we bought from Brunetti for Freda and Thow Kong's birthday.

Ying Thai (by changyang1230)
Ying Thai 2, one of the most famous Thai Food restaurants on Lygon Street.

IMG_6758 (by changyang1230)
Home-cooked brocolli.

IMG_6067 (by changyang1230)
Roasted chestnut on Swanston Street.

IMG_6558 (by changyang1230)
The Coffee Club - taken a moment before I spilled the whole glass.

IMG_2574 (by changyang1230)
Lemon chicken rice in China Bar.

Rice Bar (by changyang1230)
Rice Bar - Not only rice (yes that's the full name of the restaurant).


Anonymous said...

Haha, spilled the whole glass eh? Did you ask for another one? They would normally replace a new one for you FOC. That's how Starbucks works at least. Impressive!


jasmine said...

Eek. Brocolli. I'm sick of it.what's the yellowish stuff on top?

crushedguava said...

Eh don't say I'm a good food photographer. I think in terms of photography, my pictures aren't very good at all. Even your pictures are better than mine.

What I guess I have is more of a passion for food, that's why it may seem nicer.



changyang1230 said...

WK: Haha no ler they didn't. Haha but then I already drank half a cup when it spilled ler, I don't think it makes sense to give me half a cup replacement either. :P

Jasmine: Haha no idea, it's my housemate's cooking.

Crushedguava: Many of your older ones were rather impressive. Don't use camera phone la, not as good. :P