Wednesday, July 27, 2005

How Do You Drive?

Phew... 11 hours of sleep after two days of chemical reactions. Thanks God for giving me a day off amidst the assault of metabolic pathways. You know, I would have rather enjoyed it, given the interesting insights and wonderful mnemonics in these cycles and sequential reactions. However, no Kama Sutra1 or Succinyl CoA dehydrogenase could boost my speed to finish the remaining two third of lecture notes in time... And did I tell you about my PBL tutorial on Friday?

Hmm, let's leave it to Lehninger at the moment. I just came across this news article about singing while driving.

Quoted from the article:

Motorists who enjoy a sing-along while driving tend to concentrate more and fall asleep less than their silent counterparts, new research showed on Tuesday.

However, drivers should avoid overly rousing tunes or complex rhythms which can divert attention away from the road.

"Singing while driving stimulates not only the mind but also the body which in turn produces heightened alertness and reduced fatigue," said Dr Nicola Dibben, a music psychologist from the University of Sheffield.

She said music was more effective than silence, conversation or talk radio in achieving an optimal state of alertness.

I remember my mum and dad always told me that singing or listening to music while driving is a dangerous thing. It's still fresh in my memory how I got scolded because of singing along to the tune I played on the CD player. I have always tried to maintain that it wouldn't affect my driving, but for years it was to no avail. And on the other hand, they have always asked me to talk to them when we were driving a long -haul journey on the highway.

So see, I have got a point to back my claim now.. :P Let's join the music club!

1. Kama Sutra refers to the mnemonics which summarises the initial of every substrate involved in the Kreb's Cycle (also called Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle or Citric Acid Cycle). The mnemonics is as follows: A Course In Kama Sutra Should Further My Orgasm which stands for "Acetyl CoA, Citrate, Isocitrate, α-Ketoglutarate, Succinyl CoA, Succinate, Fumarate, Malate, Oxaloacetate".


Eric Fu said...

Cool mnemonics!.

By the way, I like listening to music while driving, but I don't actually sing (maybe only when I am alone :D).

feeling*^O^* said...

i think singing while driving is the coolest things to do!! *^O^* it actually can release stress which will develop automatically when you're driving...

Anonymous said...

haha..funny mnemonics....but i dun agree with it...flipped through my fren's karma sutra..isnt tat great anyway....perhaps we know more....ops...:P

haha....singing while driving is fine...but i only do it when im driving alone....n i think ur parents arent against it....juz that yang they would enjoy the journey more without ur adorable voice....hehe..they juz hv taste...haha.....:P