Sunday, July 31, 2005

We are the IMSS!

Finally, a post I have wanted to put up for so so so long.

If any of you have looked at some of my posts and asked, "what is the IMSS?", the answer is here! The IMSS stands for the International Medical Students' Society, of The University of Melbourne of course.

At the beginning of the last semester, sometimes I see some of my friends heading off to some mysterious place during the oddest times, like during lunch - a time when I always find myself, Eng Kiat and Jian Wey in the Union House enjoying a plate of rice with honey chicken, roast pork, and stirfried chicken vege - and when I ask them where they are headed off to, they reply: "Oh we're going to the IMSS meeting, wanna come?"

I had no idea what the IMSS was back then, but then they organised their first major event, the IMSS City Tour, the pictures of which Jian Wey has already posted up.

And then a few weeks after that, they asked us, us being Jian Wey and I, whether we wanted to join the IMSS or not. And after much give-and-take, we decided to give it a go. And they gave us the roles, IT Officers. Haha, one of the easier jobs I must say, compared to some of the other roles. And it sounds quite cool too, I reckoned.

We held our 2nd major event, the IMSS Champagne and Pancake Lunch and that was great fun, albeit being only 2 weeks before our final exam for the semester. I've also posted the pictures for this up. and here is the poster for our event, which WE designed. WE = Jian Wey and I. If you remember, that was also one of the bleak moments I have been through, being served cold shoulder by one of my good friends for unknown reason.

So what does being in the IMSS involve? Well, it involves commitment towards the cause and the society. It takes sacrifice. Mostly it takes 1 or 2 hours of your time once every fortnight sitting in a meeting in some secluded room in the basement of medical building, where people won't discover Jian Wey's nefarious mime to everything Jing said. Haha sorry, just joking.

And what do we actually do? (Help people lah...what else?) Our role is to assist international students settle into their lives as medical students in Melbourne. Or something to that effect. I've heard some more inspiring words coming our from Jing's mouth before but I can't for the life of me remember her exact words. When I do get hold of our official motto or role I will post it up.

Okay, if you have made it this far and you haven't realized that I have been copying Jian Wey's post shamelessly, then you either have terminal stage STML or you don't know who's Jian Wey. Well, Jian Wey is a very interesting person, he claimed that dumb dumb duck is the cutest animal in the biosphere and that crushedguava tastes nicer than Rojak Campur. I would hesitate at the thought of giving out his blog's URL here, lest you will not read my boring blog anymore... But for the more savvier of you, you must have visited his blog before and must have your own share of laughter. Hint: The link to his blog is tucked away in a corner of my blog.

Oh yeah, before I move on, let's have a drumroll and give a standing ovation to those who deserve it:

The IMSS Committee

President: Jing
The Vice President: Jessica
Secretary: Jerica
Treasurer: Wanchen
Academic Officers: Ka Lip and Kathryn
Social Secretaries: Cathy and Jane
Sponsorship Officers: Clara and Jingyi
Publications Officers: Henry and Sue Faye
Us IT Officers: Chang Yang and Jian Wey

[and a few new committees, sorry will add it in when I get the names]

So now we are back in action after being dormant for almost two months. Cool as always, we IT officers are back to our routine mission again: set up a website for IMSS. Well, I must thank a few of the managers in the medical office, namely Mary Angelico, Catherine Wills, and in particular, Joanne Sullivan for their warm assistance. Well, to be frank we have gone no where yet, no website, no blog, no photo album... You know, it's hard to find free website marr..and then we also don't like those ad-ful sites, so what to do? Have to go beg the university and also Student Union. But then, the university said they don't provide website hosting and then we didn't hear anything from Student Union.

Having faced the harsh truth, we decided to try our own way: set up a blog in BlogSpot! Hehe.. it's as easy as 1-2-3, as blogger always says, but right now it's still in its infancy. Do pay a visit here, and don't spam the message board please. :D I would have been more pleased if we could get a paid hosting site and have some site like, but then it's a faraway dream. As Jing always says, we are still a young society, we are a sub-committee of MSS and we are poor financially. ~~Sigh~~ (Thought of embezzling some online storage space if we could get a hosting site... haha)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usOkay, blog is one thing in progress, and now we have another important mission. After the "tremendous" success of our previous poster, we decided to design another amazing poster for the Karaoke Night. So today I spent a few hours in Ormond College designing a draft for the poster. Well, for me, it turned out to be a tad less professional, and we reckoned that it's because we don't have logos down there. Err.. what to do? We don't have sponsors this time marr, so mar have nothing to put lohh.. At the time being we are still considering whether to put our faces on the poster, and Jian Wey insisted that it will surely be given a green light in our biweekly meeting next time, wuahaha... (another prawn behind the stone, hehe...)

So this is basically how IMSS works, with great fun and great activities. Well, did I mention the hidden agendas? Haha... Have I succeeded in making IMSS sound like some sort of terrorist organization?


smartaleck said...

haha, dun complain d ah, nothing to post also saja waste my time to post sthing here.. but looking back, i also quite long din come to see ur posts d.. Nag me to come again when u nx post sthing interesting lar.. good job u havent lost interest in this blogging thing yet..

Winson Kang said...

oh for god sack!!!luckily u are not in singapore, where the violation of copyright laws is such a big sin. Which you have apparently violated!!!Hehehe...or else you would be expeled by now. Hahah....and then ,Hmm.....i am trying to accept this fact...Can you really help people???i wonder..