Sunday, August 13, 2006

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast [Video]

I went to the world-famous Gold Coast when I was in Brisbane. This is a short video that I took in Surfer's Paradise - notice how the whole beach is lined with hundreds of high-rise building and flooded with thousands of sunbathers throughout the endless span. And the sand was so fine, you could literally feel the miniscule particles trickling between your feet.

Note: I am testing out YouTube video feature. It's fun! And the best thing is, while I can't download a lot of videos due to the exorbitant Internet price (AUD 30 / 500 MB), the upload bandwidth is not counted towards the Internet credit. :P Enjoy!!

Note 2: I have already uploaded some of my Brisbane pictures in my flickr account. It's still in progress, so stay tuned ya!

Note 3: The photo album is completed! If you haven't been there, quick! :P