Saturday, January 13, 2007

Be a Voter!

Be a voter! Do the right thing!

That is, if you are a Malaysian and you've turned 21. I went to the post office a few days ago and registered as an official electorate in Malaysia. It's like a piece of cake:

1. Go to your local post office.
2. Enjoy your (preferably short) queue.
3. Ask the staff "Boleh daftar menjadi pengundi pilihanraya tak?"
4. Show your IC, and with a smile tell the staff "Ya betul, saya sudah 21 lah..."
5. Wait for 5 minutes while the staff looks for that particular alphabets while poking around on the keyboard.
6. Sign on a piece of document.
7. Done!

It's our responsibility to be a voter in Malaysia - there's no use in empty talks, it's our votes that will walk our talk. We decide our own future, and let's all begin our first step by becoming a voter!

p/s: I made a few changes to my blog interface, namely deleting the "peek-a-boo comment preview" feature (it's slowing the overall loading speed of my blog) and adding "instant messaging" feature on the sidebar. Basically, from now onwards, if you see me online while you are browsing my blog, you can talk to me in real time.. That's just way cool and convenient.


Voon Seng said...

hey there, i was thinking about it, any idea how I can do it overseas? that is if i can do it.

youngyew said...

I think there is no way to do it overseas.. :( Check out this page for more details: