Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Three-Course Classic Comedies

Entrée: I am sure this is one of the most watched comedy clips at all times, but this is for those who have not watched it before. Racist contents, but hey, as with all other comedies, it's to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Be a man, do the right thing!
Another classic, from George Carlin. You gotta watch this, it borders on being vulgar and inconsiderate, but if you can't accept those, just censor them and the rest are damn good jokes! Anyway the part 2 of this clip is below this.
Anyway some of the other George Carlin clips are also hilarious, but I would warn you that some of his clips mock religions quite insensitively and hence are best avoided if you aren't ready for that. But be assured that the clip I put here is clean of those elements, just sit back and laugh your lungs out! :)
And for the dessert, top 10 George W Bush moments! :D


day-dreamer said...

LOL! The Carlin old man can really speak!

Very interesting stuff here... thanks for sharing.