Friday, February 02, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The last book of the Harry Potter series is slated to hit the shelves on 21 July this year! Now that many people are wondering why is the date not 7 July, one of the possible reasons is that the London bombing happened on 7 July two years ago. So releasing the book on 7 July would be akin to releasing a fantasy on the September 11th, since JK Rowling is a Briton.

Anyway this post is about nothing, I just thought of sharing this "spoiler":

Voldemort and Harry 1 on 1.... then....


Hiro with his sword raised and Voldemorts head on the floor. Save the muggles, save the world!

LOL. You would get this joke if you watch Heroes, one of the most popular series in US.


Alvin Ooi said...

hiro is a comic relief.

o-mii-gaa said...

I like Hiro best in the entire show! He's so cute! Plus I think he's very important to the storyline...

crushedguava said...

you watch Heroes wan meh?

no la omega..

peter petrelli better

mohindherr sshuresh also better