Wednesday, February 07, 2007


A 7000-km journey

I am leaving tomorrow morning from Penang to KL and from KL to Melbourne. Thanks for all the memories in Alor Star and KL, I cherish them wholeheartedly. I am sure I will miss my family and my nieces. :) I initially thought of not coming home end of this year, but now that I'm leaving, such a decision suddenly seem too hard to make.

Melbourne, this time I am going back with more vigour and a refreshed outlook. I look forward to more challenges in the coming year. There could be a rough path ahead of me, but I will tread each step with care and confidence.


Yong Chin said...


heng Liang said...

"老大".. Haha.. Not laughing at YC but for the term being referred to you. Dunno y but it seems humourous.

Anyway.. have an enjoyable journey home. if it's not enjoyable, then it's just too bad; so as long as you're safe!

Make your upcoming medical year a blast!

See you soon!

Eric Fu said...

Bon voyage (from United States?)

Oh ya, I think one "confidence" is redundant in your last sentence.

Winson Kang said...

Don't you miss me? Other than your family and niece?

Anyway, well, all the best to your new semester. And also , have a safe journey back home. Will catch up with you later when you are back in Mel then.

day-dreamer said...

Have a safe flight.

And don't forget to update from Melbourne. Hehe.

flanegan said...

ey, i'm going to melbourne too... see u there~~

StanleyYP said...

oi, safe journey! remember to ask for snacks every 15 min. hehe. :P

youngyew said...

It's a bit late, but thanks for your wishes! :)