Sunday, February 18, 2007

CNY Eve in Melbourne

I am so bad at descriptive writing, so I would let pictures speak for me.

This year I am celebrating Chinese New Year in Melbourne because my course started last Monday.
There are many events in Melbourne Central Business District (which is just the fancy word for "city centre"). The one that instantly caught my eyes was this "lantern dance" performed by grandmotherly figures. I was amazed by their spirit and thoroughly entertained.
At night, we had a Malaysian student "reunion dinner" in College Square. It was attended by more than 40 people. After the reunion dinner there was this "lao shang" that was orchestrated by Yong Chin.
Near 12am, we visited the Chinatown again for the Chinese New Year eve countdown. It looked glorious with the lighting, and the street was very crowdy.
They had lots of firecracker burning and also lion dance in the city. It was quite different but nonetheless interesting.

It was my CNY eve. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!


Ren Jie said...

That's nice!! Too bad that there isn't a Chinatown in Ann Arbor. No Chinese New Year atmosphere at all.

Happy Chinese New Year!

JasonLau85 said...

Wish I could be home.

I am currently stuck in the library for the last minute working on my essays which are due on the 2nd day of CNY. sigh

I did have a "reunion" dinner tho --> Chinese takeaway with my British friends who didn't really appreciate the virtue of the reunion dinner. sigh

I want my ang pao! and I am getting them next CNY when I got to HKU :p

Nept.CO said...

Happy CNY. U look very handsome and Xuan Ni look very nice! I like the very top pic=)

In Sydney, I did have a very very different CNY: going 2 Maroubra Beach and Sydney Harbor!

Winson Kang said...

Okay, posting a comment here acknowledges that i am still reading your blog, even it's the first day of CNY. I didn't look at the pictures though , and thus have completely no idea what the pictures are about. It's not that i didn't want to, just that the modem connection didn't/doesn't allow me to do so.

Happy Chinese Pig Year my dear friend! :)

P.S: For the record, i still prefer skype to voipstunt, though the former experiences some lag as well. Remember, there's no such thing as free lunch.

day-dreamer said...


Well, I must say, although it wasn't as good as being at home, your CNY eve wasn't too bad, considering you are in a place where Chinese is minority...

A blessed piggy year ahead!

Feeling*^O^* said...

Changyang, that's a great cny! Wish you have a wonderful new year!

hm... actually when i first saw the grandma's dancing, i thought the 1st one of the right was you !!!! i thought you are so brave to make up until like this and somemore dance on the stage!!

Feeling*^O^* said...

paiseh... it's on the left not right

sorry goat!

Alvin Ooi said...

gong xi fa cai nice pics

kyh said...

gong hei fatt choy!!!

jie ni said...


youngyew said...

Ren Jie: So sad... :( Never mind, you will be able to celebrate it at home from next year onwards, right? :)

Jason: Haha, dinner with Ang Moh can't be considered as reunion dinner leh... Thanks! I wish you a great CNY too!

Winson: Eewh, you didn't see the pics but still post here? What's the point? Where lies the justification? :P

Day-dreamer: Hah, actually speaking of which, the proportion of Chinese in Melbourne city is about the same as the proportion of Chinese in an average Malaysian city. But that's only in the urban area la, in the suburbs there are definitely less Chinese around.

Feeling: Haha that's too much! I where got look like the lao ah ma? -.-

Alvin: Gong hi huat chai to you too! I want to see your pics too. :)

kyh: Happy CNY!

Jie Ni: 谢谢你!希望你的新年过得美满,如今身在国外才明了在家里那种幸福。