Monday, February 12, 2007

Melbourne - A New Beginning

I am back in Melbourne, as tired as a dog.

The past few days have been taking such a great toll on me. Although it's only 12.23am now, I am already feeling like I have stayed up for the whole night. To cut a long story short, since I arrived in Melbourne on Thursday night, I have been helping Xuan Ni and myself to move our Kleenex and IndoMee boxes between houses. Besides, I learnt the hard way that Ikea furniture is harder to assemble than it is supposed to be - especially with the not-quite-the-right-size screws.

Personally I just moved to my new house (view my new contact here) which is a double-storey terrace shared with a migrant Chinese family. I was a bit wary at first, you know, to stay with a family whom we have no idea about. However, after spending a little time with them, the comprehension kind of wore off quite naturally. They are so hospitable and friendly, they even invited Yong Chin and I to join their reunion dinner this Saturday. Needless to say, I look forward to having a great time staying in this house, and from the looking of it now it's definitely worth the price I am paying for. Oh ya it's the first time I saw the house when I moved in with my boxes, because Yong Chin helped me with the house rental throughout the holidays.

Academically, the new semester for medicine starts tomorrow. I am already ready to learn more, and to meet my coursemates. It's going to be a tough year, as usual, but with the change of environment and a new start, I am sure I will be able to do better.


kyh said...

my cousin has just gone further studies in melb last week, in trinity col. he has a house there so no wrries lol.

Winson Kang said...

Hey buddy,nice to know that things are going well in your new environment. Well, hope you have great fun in your new semester and all the best to you!

Happy Chinese New Year. No point saying Gong Xi Fa Cai, since you're not earning money yet. :)

P.S: Chinese New Year without you people back in Malaysia would not be the same.

day-dreamer said...

Good to hear that you've reached Melbourne safe and sound...

It's nice to have a host family (is that how you call them?) like yours, so enjoy your time (and reunion dinner) with them!

All the best for the new semester ahead!

heng Liang said...

"Labels: ... Rambling"

Where got? Haha.. Have a good medical year! And, I'll get you some housewarming gift la. We'll see. =P

youngyew said...

kyh: What is your cousin planning to study in the future, may I know?

Winson: Hah thanks for your greeting. Saying Gong Xi FA Cai is meant to get ang pow meh? Since when?

Day-dreamer: Thanks! All the best to you too!

Heng Liang: Haha for the purpose of this label, rambling simply means "random things". Where is my housewarming gift, by the way? :P