Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - A Haiku

Warning: The following text contains spoilers (indirect but VERY decipherable). It has been hidden by scripts and would be revealed when it's clicked on. However, the hiding mechanism doesn't work on RSS reader, so if you are reading this on RSS subscription and if you do not wish to read it, STOP. Thanks.

Show my haiku!

Perched between two worlds
A forgotten, burdened soul
The evil hero.

- Dedicated to Severus Snape who didn't get the salute he deserved in the very end.


day-dreamer said...

Yeah well, Snape is probably the most interesting character in the Harry Potter series. You really can't guess if he's really good or evil at the beginning.

So, how do you find the book?

jasmine said...

i have yet to read the book....and i have a very vague idea what your haiku means la! haha. (and how oome you're so poetic recently?)

nice pics in your previous post! i should come to australia some day.

sophisticatedsoul said...

This haiku alone let me feel how great a character Snape is. Can't imagine how I would feel about him after reading the final book.

crushedguava said...


snape only got his one chapter of glory, and by then he was already dead.

how unfortunate. I was hoping he'd live.

youngyew said...

day-dreamer: I found it okay, but it didn't quite meet my expectation.

jasmine: Haha I pretend pretend to be poetic only larr.. If not I sound boring one mar... And YES, come to Australia, I will be your free tour guide! (provided that you pay for my travel and food, haha!) :D

sophisticatedsoul: So have you read the book yet? :)

crushedguava: Yeah that's what I felt about him also. He's got both evil and kindness in his heart, but in the end he played a key role in Harry success just because of his unconditional love.

The thing that pissed me off the most was that in the headmaster room scene, Harry attributed his victory to Dumbledore but there is no mention whatsoever about Snape. :(