Friday, July 20, 2007

Travel Notes (2) - Great Ocean Road

I've been processing the pictures from the road trip, but I found it rather difficult to reproduce the whole journey on my blog if I were to do a stop-by-stop descriptions. So I guess I would start with a few pictures here.

Xuan Ni and I at Gibson's Steps, with the backdrop of Twelve Apostles.
The glory "apostles" at the Twelve Apostles. It's my third time there but it invigorates me all the same.
Yong Chin, Freda, Xuan Ni and I at Gibson's Steps.
Facial expression: "What's in stock for the future?"


day-dreamer said...

Nice pictures!

Celest said...

hahahahah.... the four of u are such posers!!!!! hehhehehe
looking good though....

youngyew said...

Haha thanks for your compliments! :P I chose only better-looking pictures marr, that's why you thought I take good pictures loh. The rest might be crappy though.