Monday, July 23, 2007

Some Interesting Harry Potter Endings

J.K. Rowling once said that the last word in the last HP book would be "scar" (which was no longer true in the end). Based on this assumption, some HP fans wrote their own versions of HP ending...

Neville gazed down upon the lifeless form of Harry and saw that the scar that once had stood so vividly on his forehead, had disappeared. He turned away and was unaware that on his forehead, was his own scar.
His thoughts were distracted by the distant voices of Hermione and Ron. They were running towards him with mixed looks of shock and relief. Hugging Harry they began to question him thoroughly. "Are you alright? Are you okay Harry?" Hermione yelled. "Blimely Harry you've done it, Voldemorts dead." Ron added. As if it went by in flashes, suddenly Hermione and Ron were on the ground, both pale and motionless, dead. Harry stood over them, laughing coldly with content. All it took was a twinge in his scar.
Harry had done it... Voldemort was dead it seemed... but there were only five horcruxes that had been destroyed. Ron raised his head from the ground and said, "Good work, Harry, I knew we could do it..." Harry smiled to Neville while scratching his itching scar.
More endings here.

I am wondering how different the story would be if it ended like above... :)


day-dreamer said...

Well, I really didn't expect that it would end up Harry being a father of three. I seriously did not.

Somehow I still find the ending a bit unsuitable to the happenings in the prior chapters. It was like, cincai cincai 做个交待.

Only my two cents.

youngyew said...

Yeah I can empathize what you feel about the book... It felt a bit cheesy to be honest.