Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Travel Notes - Photo Slideshow

27/07/07 - Slideshow Status: 50% done.

Note: This post will be placed above other posts as I continue to update my travel notes. My other posts will be found below.

This is the slideshow of the photos taken during the winter trip to Great Ocean Road and South Australia. I am continually processing the pictures and uploading them, so stay tuned as more pictures become available here.

You can also view all the pictures in their original flickr set page here. Full screen slideshow is available as well. To make a comment on an individual picture, visit the "photo link" in the slideshow.

Hope you enjoy the pics!


day-dreamer said...

The photos are really clear!!

Nice... *thumbs up*

SilverIsle said...

Hey. What camera are you using?

Winson Kang said...

Hey mate, gotta say that you look cute in some pics. Cute as in baby cute, not the handsome cute. Don't get me wrong. :P

sophisticatedsoul said...

When you say "I am continually processing the pictures...", do you really mean editing/enhancing your photos before uploading them? But well, I wouldn't be surprised if you really do that. LOL.

youngyew said...

Thanks, Day-dreamer!

I am using Sony DSC-P73, SilverIsle. It's actually not mine, it's my girlfriend's. I don't have my own camera at the moment, it's spoiled since last year.

Haha it's the first time you appreciate my cuteness eh, Winson?

Yeah, I really mean enhancing and cropping the pictures, sophisticatedsoul.. But nothing too complicated lar, just adjusting the levels, correcting some overexposure and underexposure, some colour cast, and some simple cropping just to make it look nicer. :)