Sunday, September 23, 2007

Damn Those Advertisement Companies

A father's voice.
A story told by a doctor.
The familiar "I love you forever" story, but touching nevertheless.
Another loving father (this one is not too convincing for me, though).
Finally, if the previous videos were too heavy for you, wait until you see this:


Eric Fu said...

I have seen the last video! Light and hilarious, but it does get the point across! The first time when I watched it, condom was the last thing that I thought this advertisement was about.

sophisticatedsoul said...

Hah. Why with the sudden interest in advertisements, most of which are Thai ones anyway? Is it part of your coursework? lol.

Zhe Jin said...

hahhaa.... the thai ads are very touching... the last one... i think the kid has ADHD... haha... condoms can prevent that :P

Neptune Chye said...

The first one was alright, I was expecting that his dad will go to die by any means when he said I wish I could have more time...very common situation, even happening in my family; not really touching though, but I was like " what the f**k does it do with thai insurance!"

The second and third ones were touching me. Very good ideas of bring up human's love to each other and sacrifice; showing loving someone is not just saying "I love you" and enough; that kind of stuff.

The forth one: Yeah, as you had said, I'm x so convinced about the father's action; but overall I was moved by her father's care towards her from baby to youth, which is good.

The last one is (=.=) I actually had watched this video before but don't think condoms need advertisement for sale promotion. The key message is having children sucks, so better don't have even one =.=

Ai Ling said...

i like the ad on the pregnant girl. touching one.. geee...

dont recommend so many bytes running out...hahaha.. :P

youngyew said...

Haha yeah Eric, the punchline of the last video is amazing. :D

No la Nooi Hoay, I just happened to stumble upon this series of advertisements, thru I think. If you explore around, you would find more advertisement by the same thai insurance company. They must have hired a hell of genius advertisement company... It's not exactly related to insurance, but it makes everyone remember their company eh. :D

Zhe Jin: Yeah it's really touching!

Neptune: Wahh you wrote that much of analysis! :P But when the truck came crushing on the first vid, it's really quite shocking although I kinda guessed that something bad would happen.

Ai Ling: Haha don't care, I will recommend hundreds more videos so that College Square pays me commission for all the extra bytes you are using. :P