Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pride and Disgrace - Medicine in Malaysia

In the same week, we have this:

The previous Malaysian PM, Tun Mahathir Mohamad went in for his second coronary bypass operation today at the age of 82. The operation was done successfully and he's well at the moment. His operation was performed by local surgeons, Tan Sri Yahya Awang and Datuk Dr Razali Watooth with assistance of Dr Hartzell Schaff, the chief cardiac surgeon from Mayo Clinic.
And this:

Due to the negligence of specialists, little month-old Yok Shan got a screwed-up IV cannulation from a houseman (who isn't qualified to attend to an infant, but might have been under someone else's order), and ended up with an amputated, gangrenous arm.
I hope that we head towards the standard of the former and solve the underlying organizational weakness that contributed to Yok Shan's tragedy. We could really do better than another amputated arm or an ambulance without fuel.


Gila Babi said...

Yok Shan is sooo pity ,,,

Feeling said...

poor little one

youngyew said...

Yeah it's really pathetic for an innocent child to lose an arm because of incompetent doctors... Just imagine when he grows up, what faith would remain in him on the whole healthcare system. And how much inconvenience he needs to suffer throughout his life because of one's negligence.

Neptune Chye said...

Doctors in Malaysia are always incompetent, including myself.

It's pity to make such medical error; hope that guy learned something out of this accident.

Mistake-free medicine?? Possible??

youngyew said...

Haha neptune, you are not a doctor yet, why say you are incompetent wor? You did really well in your tests and assessments all the while. :D

I guess the possibility of "mistake-free medicine" depends on how you define the word "mistake" in this context. For an extremely difficult diagnosis, would a wrong diagnosis be considered a "mistake"?

I reckon doctors should be able to avoid all avoidable mistakes, but having done all that, doctors and the public should accept that there will still be mistakes when all measures are taken. Having said that, the Yok Shan incident is a blatant negligence which should not be excused, so is the ambulance incident.

Neptune Chye said...

Hihi, paiseh,paiseh...

I do my best, God saves the rest =.=