Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ambulance Without Petrol

It's a national disgrace. [The link is no longer working, but I saved a copy which you can view here]

A woman with severe headache presented to a hospital emergency department, but for 5 hours nobody attended to her. The doctor only saw her when she lapsed into a semi-conscious state. She was transferred to another hospital for CT scan, and the scan revealed a blood clot in her brain (stroke). But the second hospital couldn't perform a surgery, so the woman had to be transferred to another hospital for emergency operation. There was a huge problem.

All the ambulances were out of petrol.

It took them some time before they sorted out the problem and sent her to the destination, but she was pronounced brain dead on arrival.

I am embarrassed.

p/s: By the way I am curious why the husband didn't send the wife with his own car, or at least ask for help. Weird. Regardless, this doesn't detract from the hospital's negligence.


Cheok Quen said...

You should start using the word 'irregardless' instead. Makes you cooler. I should know, because I watch Mean Girls.

day-dreamer said...

Yes, it is a disgrace.

Malaysian hospitals are always in the "limelight" for the most unfortunate events. This is worse than the Australian media reporting wrongly about viruses and bacteria.

Wee Loon ONG said...

oh, that's really a disgrace... seriously, when I think of working in this environment in future, it makes me feel like I am part of this whole incompetent useless system..

A real disgrace!

youngyew said...

Cheok Quen: Irregardless, I still prefer regardless. :P

Day-dreamer: Eerm, the nature of health-care system is like that... When they are saving thousands of lives day in day out, nobody says a word; but everyone starts lambasting them when they make a single mistake. But irregardless, the mistake of such a magnitude is still something that couldn't be forgiven...

Wee Loon: Eerm, it might be our role to improve it, but it sounds so hard... :(