Sunday, March 25, 2007

Run For The Kids

I am going to Run for the Kids on next Sunday, April 1.

On that day, thousands of Melburnians will join a run for a good cause - we are paying 34 dollars to run for 15 kilometres, and 29 dollars of which will go to Royal Children Hospital in Melbourne.

As anyone close to me could testify, I am not exactly an athletic person. In fact I only enjoy playing "leisure sports" like table tennis, and anything more vigorous than that is not my cup of tea. Sometimes I would go for half-an-hour of jogging, but I thought that's the max I could do. And sometimes at the end of that I would ask myself, "why the heck am I torturing myself like this?"

So when Wee Loon invited me to join the race, I kind of faltered... Could I even walk for 15 km, let alone run? Before I could make a decision, Wee Loon's invitation received a great response from our friends. Many people decided to join, including Xuan Ni, Boon Phiaw, Yong Chin, Freda, Thow Kong, Boon Hoon, Ai Ling (who pulled out later) Ee Syn, Sze Mei etc.

So I decided to join it, as a form of challenge to myself.

PICT7244 (by changyang1230)We started to have "trainings" at random time throughout the past few weeks. We went to the Princes Park nearby a few times for some evening jogs, and the distance was about 3 kilometres a lap. Three weeks ago we ran to St. Kilda beach, which was 7.7 km from our house. And the last weekend, we ran along Yarra River for exactly 10km!

I clocked about 80 minutes for the St. Kilda run but it was not a good measure because we were significantly slowed by the crowd in the city and the endless traffic lights in Melbourne. For the Yarra River run, I successfully clocked 75 minutes which was equivalent to 8km/h! That was quite a success for me because I remembered that I couldn't even sustain 8.5km/h for long last time... Must be the fresh air there at work.

Jogging 180307 (by changyang1230)
The Yarra River practice
I am becoming inspired after those runs. In fact I started to enjoy the sense of satisfaction that overwhelms me whenever I achieve a particular target. Yes the journey is always arduous, and the legs are sore afterwards, but at the end of the day it's really quite worth the effort. And I should try to maintain a healthy lifestyle if I were to advise others some time in the future, shouldn't I? :P


sophisticatedsoul said...

Oh, the event is on the 1st of April? Make sure you are not fooled..hah...

And hey, you are all so bersemangat. I don't usually go for training before such event. I can't imagine myself running 10 km for practice. Heh...

Anyway, all the best and don't forget to update us about it yea (I know you will remember that coz you will be so overwhelmed with self-satisfaction for sure)...

Cheok Quen said...

Never never never ever train as a "we" unit... Soon you'll discover that you'll all slow down more and more, and then you'll stop running completely, start walking and find yourselves chatting.

daffodils said...

You mention Royal Children Hospital in Melbourne? Hi that s where my brother works not as a doctor but network consultant or network support manager, sth like this. You run? My son who got the call up for JPA interview is a tough runner. He took part in the KL international marathon but of course he did not run the 42km race. He ran in the school boy's category, only 7 km when he was 14 yrs old. Last year he took part in Larian Merdeka and ran in the 10km race.He likes to run and work out in the gym. More of a jock than a nerd. Hi,looking at your time under 80 minutes for 10 km run, I must say boleh tahan, not bad for a non athletic person. Baguslah, young man.

youngyew said...

sophisticatedsoul: Haha no lar, we only trained for a few times also.

Cheok Quen: Haha we didn't exactly train as a "we" unit also la.. When I said "trained together", it's more like we went to the park and meet at the beginning, and then everyone started running at their own pace and those fast runners left us behind in seconds. :P So nobody slowed down.

daffodils: Haha now that I finished the actual race, I must say that I have to do much better than that to qualify as "boleh tahan".. Being ranked like 7000 out of 9000 male participants isn't really a good result. :P