Thursday, March 01, 2007

Finger-licking Pageturners

Studying... (by fanz)Ahh, finger-licking pageturners.

I am not sure whether I am the only person who finds it disgusting, but most people are highly tolerant of people who lick their finger(s) before leafing through a stack of paper or their books.

Some will lick, then turn three pages, then lick again.

Some will lick, then realize that it's not wet enough, then lick again, and turn one page.

Some lick the tip of the fingers; some lick almost the whole length of their fingers.

And to think that I actually saw some of my tutors did that, in a semester about microbiology. It's such a universal habit that nobody seems to have a qualm about, and that grosses me out. Think about it. Your finger is clean (hopefully), then you lick it and turn a few pages of newspaper, and it's now a swarm of germs and commercial inks, then you lick it again, rinse, and repeat.

And then I come along and read the same newspaper.

Am I the only person who is disgusted at such a habit? Tell me please. Are you a finger-licking-good pageturner yourself, and are there many people around you who do it?

p/s: Read this, and this about finger-licking. It's fun to read others' stories about this habit.


heng Liang said...

I'm disgusted from my very first sight of this habit too! Especially when those who does it while counting filthy paper money notes in Malaysia!

I can accept it when you dip your fingers in a wet sponge like what some cashiers do at checkouts, but not salivating it.

andrew said...

Yeah, I find it disgusting too. But so many people are doing it until one day, when I was checking out my groceries shopping (we have to pack ourselves here) I did the finger licking process to open up the plastic bags. Arrrgggh!

4seasonspring said...

I never lick....=P.....Just b'cos I know edi how dirty my hand would be...(dirty in terms of the bacteria and germs of course...haha)

Eric Fu said...

Oh man, this reminds me about Mr Hong Ping Chiam! He likes to do that! Yikes...

Ka Lip said...

Was never really disgusted by it...I just found it strange. Does it actually help you turn the page better or in any other way??

wei liang said...

Ya, actually, if you consider the adhesive force between water molecules and the paper. Haha, don't care about me, just mumbling away.

no, i don't do that.

day-dreamer said...

Eee... so geli...

I don't do that because I don't like to flip a dirty book/newspaper and lick that finger again. Yucks.

But if the person is professional enough to use a wet sponge (like in the bank/post office) then it should be okay.

youngyew said...

Heng Liang: Yeah I agree.. Sponge is not an issue for me, saliva is. :P

Andrew: Haha, you learnt it subconsciously?

4seasonspring: You must be among the minority! :)

Eric Fu: Really? I have never seen Keat Hwa teachers do that.. Even thought that it's more common among angmohs.

Ka Lip & Wei Liang: Yeah I read about the supposedly better grip too. It's true actually, but still it doesn't justify such an unhygienic habit.

day-dreamer: Agreed. :)

Anonymous said...

Finger licking, whether it's for eating, turning pages, seperating a plastic bad, etc. is disgusting, period! Is putting your finger in your nose ok when there are other people? NO! Same thing for licking your fingers, it's the same, both are equally gross habits that should never be tolorated! Only exception is when you hurt yourself or if young children under a certain age put their fingers in their mouths, otherwise, it's never ok in my book and I find people who do it unacceptable.