Saturday, March 24, 2007

A String of Good News

It's been a special week filled with a string of exciting news.

First, Eric "the maths guy" secured a conditional scholarship from USM to pursue post-grad studies in top universities! For those not in the know, Eric is my friend since day 1 in Keat Hwa Secondary School, a model student and the record holder as a class monitor for 6 consecutive years. To quote from someone in his blog, he naturally exudes an aura of an professor, and his students are amongst the most fortunate people in the world. I was absolutely thrilled when I read his post about the scholarship. Eric is simply fabulous, and I can't congratulate him enough for his feat.

A few days later, I came across a news about four Malaysians who were admitted to MIT this year. At first the news seemed unrelated to me, but upon further reading, I was utterly surprised. Wei Jian, one of my secondary school juniors was one of the admittees! The whole Malaysian education blogosphere was hustling with the excitement over this record-number admittance, and I could say I am one of the happiest soul upon hearing the news. Why?

Because I used to dream of going to MIT last time.

Seeing someone close to me realize my dream gives me some kind of, how should I place it, satisfaction-by-proxy. Wei Jian used to be involved in IMO and maths olympiad competitions together with me, and in an occasion I used to be one of the "tutors" in preparation for the competitions. I would be lying if I said I played a part in his success, because I didn't help out much. And certainly he achieved so much more than me, with three consecutive participations in IMO and now, MIT admittance. It's not that I had any part to play with his achievements, but I do feel genuinely happy and proud of him. I begin to understand why teachers derive such great satisfaction from their job, even it's not exactly similar in my case.

I extend my heartiest congratulations to Eric and Wei Jian. Hope that they make full use of their opportunities in the land of liberty.


koln_auhc said...

omg, you hung me dry.


Watch for my reply, since you already have the co.mments haha.

now, let's move on and moan about more stuffs. Time's running out for me to complain about more stuffs.

youngyew said...

?? Did you reply at the wrong post? :P It seems more related to the newer post than this one. Haha

koln_auhc said...

D'oh.. damn..

*stomps the ground and leave.

sophisticatedsoul said...
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sophisticatedsoul said...

Wow, that is so impressive. What course is he taking? Doesn't he need pre-u qualification? Oh, is that why he's currently studying in Singapore? Ah...don't really understand the news piece...*blur*

"got into MIT for the next academic year, fall of 2007 or Class of 2011"

Does that mean they can choose when to enrol in MIT?

I didn't know there are universities accepting students without pre-u qualification...or am I wrong in interpreting the news? I'm sure you can enlighten me on that. ;) Thanks first.

youngyew said...

To be frank I don't know what course he's taking. :P He took SAT though, but I think the main merits he's got were strong referral letters and the IMO participation.

Class of 2011 means he'll be graduating in year 2011. :)