Friday, September 21, 2007

It Should of been "Should Have"

What's with native English speakers when it comes to spelling?

If there's one thing that non native speakers could beat English speakers in, it is definitely the spelling. In fact, many native speakers can't even get the word "definitely" itself right. The error is so rampant, someone even set up a website dedicated this error - and you guessed it right, the website is at

The correct spelling is definitely.

Not definately.

Not definatly.

Not definantly.

Not definetly.

Not definently.

And certainly not defiantly.

The correct spelling is definitely.
Haha! Have a look at a similar website at

Some other common mistakes are the triplets of "there, their and they're", and for some reasons, writing "should of" when it should have been "should have".

Weird. "Should of" doesn't even sound close to "should have". Or does it?


Eric Fu said...

Well, I am pretty sure non-native speakers might have trouble with spelling of certain words.

bluez_aspic said...

The English language can be quite resistant against logic.

day-dreamer said...

This is definitely ridiculous!

Hahahaha~ =P

youngyew said...

Haha seriously, Eric? For those words that the non-native speakers have problems spelling, can the native speakers spell better? For example, manoeuvre, ingenious etc. Stupid spelling.. :P

Agreed to bluez and day-dreamer. Ridiculous, aren't they? :)

Ren Jie said...

I remember in the first semester here, there were a few students in my English class who often spelled "than as "then"; and that was one of the very few mistakes that I could peer review for them. :p

Btw, they were all ang mohs, and I was the only odd one in the class. :(

youngyew said...

Ahh.. haha yeah it's quite weird. I guess on the flip side of things, an Ang Moh who learns chinese language may know the hanyu pinyin better than us? :D