Saturday, April 15, 2006

Reuse Plastic Bottle

It's long been rumoured that reusing plastic water bottles can be detrimental to health, and some even go to the extent of saying that the water bottle releases carcinogenic compound when it is used for more than once.


Refer to this page for more information. Apparently this rumour originated from one of the graduate students' thesis, and despite its lack of peer review, the allegation was spread via our lovely media and forwarded emails. As it turns out, the "carcinogenic" compound described in the thesis was not at all carcinogenic, and the reason that some quarters recommend using water bottle only once is because of hygienic issues. To quote from the article:

Some organizations (including the IBWA) do recommend that plastic water bottles be used only once before recycling, but not because re-use is likely to cause carcinogenic compounds to leach from the plastic bottles into the liquids they hold. The concern is that people (particularly children) can too easily spread and ingest bacteria from their hands and mouths by re-using bottles without properly washing them or allowing them sufficient time to dry.

My two cents: Don't trust every single rumour out there.


Winson Kang said...

Hmm, a good one here. Enjoy reading it. :-)

Eric Fu said...

I don't usually reuse water bottles, but I recycle them!