Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Logo for Firefox

Someone out there has recently found a new logo for Firefox, and it looks really good.

I don't really want to make it appear in my blog for the fear of spoiling my innocuous image, so, well, you may view it at your own discretion. [Original Source: Digg Article]


p/s: No horror, ghost or gore. Just pure fun.


day-dreamer said...



Alvin Ooi said...

image konon

btw, i think CQ is now in KL until 20 or something

Nept.CO said...

Creative stuff 2 share!

But then, just not big enough :)

Casper said...

yea rite, 'image'

Winson Kang said...

Now that's call Ultra-soft porn. ;)

youngyew said...

Wait, who's the one who said "not big enough"??! You mean the picture or.. err.. ?