Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Revenge on Mosquitoes

MosquitoThe other day I discussed with my mum about killing mosquitoes. I guess if you have lived in high-rise building all your life, you would never come near to understanding how much nuisance mosquitoes are. Yes, there are mosquito nets, mosquito coils, mosquito bats, Shieldtox, and our lovely palms; but all the troubles we have gone throughout years is not the best form of entertainment, if you would imagine it to be that way. Ask any people who have lived in places like Shah Alam, or anyone who has contracted dengue fever - the lesson we have all learnt is "kill a mosquito when you see a mosquito".

So ya, about killing mosquitoes... Actually it's just a simple question that crossed my mind the other day: why do we really kill mosquitoes? Do we kill them because they will suck our blood, or because they have sucked our blood?

Just give it a thought. When faced with thousands of flying mosquitoes in the air, which mosquitoes do we target first and foremost? Which ones do we want to nail down most vehemently? Do you first kill...

a) Mosquitoes which haven't sucked your blood.


b) Mosquitoes which have had a gutful, about 0.01 ml out of 6000 ml of your blood? Mosquitoes which are already done with their feeding, and which can't do any more harm to you?

Perhaps the gene of revengefulness is so deeply embedded in us, it is even manifest in our preferences of daily mosquito-killing spree.

p/s: Apparently some scientists punished the mosquitoes for scientific justice. They found out that when the sensory nerve of a mosquito is cut, the little thing will keep sucking your blood until... it bursts! Hah that lab the scientist works in must be infested with the little annoying things. :P


day-dreamer said...

I choose both a) and b). :D

And I would like to add one more thing. Even if they are "mosquitoes which are already done with their feeding, and which can't do any more harm to you", they have already caused my skin to itch!!!!


hL said...

nyamuks have been nice to me lately. they seem to be non-existent. i kinda missed them. my whacking accuracy must have deteriorated int their absence.

probably, my "taman" became cleaner.. or too dirty for their existence. haha..

youngyew said...

day-dreamer: Yeah, this is the exact point of my post: we kill mosquito more because of vengeful thoughts than prevention.

hL: Hahaha, you all KL so high class place sure don't have mosquitoes larr... :D