Saturday, December 23, 2006

Speed Dial

Speed dial is a handy feature that comes with most cellular phones. Let's say you call Ah Bee and Ah Tu very often with your mobile phone, and you want to cut the hassles of finding their names every time. It's easy, after some simple steps, you can set Ah Bee as no. 2, Ah Tu as no.3, so next time, just press and hold number 2 for Ah Bee, or number 3 for Ah Tu. Light and easy.

KeypadDespite the ease-of-use, this feature does suffer from a major drawback. Just imagine remembering 2 for Ah Bee, 3 for Ah Tu, 4 for Ah Meng, 5 for Ah Chen, 6 for Ah Xing, 7 for Ah Chua, 8 for Ah Kau and 9 for Ah Pek. Seriously, there isn't any good connection between the number and its corresponding person, unless you plan to stick something on top of every key. Just look at the picture on your right, and let's just recall, what number is Ah Xing again? See, you can't remember right? That is not my idea of convenience.

But my mum manages to find some good use to the numbers. Well, instead of saying "find some good use", I should say it was the most natural thing that came to her: there are 7 siblings in my family! So as the youngest child, I am honoured with the lucky number 7, my youngest sister get the runner-up 6, the one elder get 5, 4, and so on. And up to my brother, who gets the special number 9. Why? Because 1 can't be set to speed dial number, it's by default the voice mail number.

Another reason of having 7 children.


day-dreamer said...

Wow! Your mum is so creative! *applause*

Hmm... I must ask my mum to set aside #9 for me. :P

hL said...

yeah.. i agree.. a little memory is required for the speed dial to be successful.

however, i managed to remember all of them although my speed dial contacts differ in malaysia n australia.

let me tell u a secret to my successful use of the speed dial feature

first half family members (only applicable when i'm back in m'sia), second half friends (in aus, the whole speed dial contacts r frens). family members ordered fr the "biggest" to the "smallest" (somethin like wut yr mum did). friends r ordered in order of "importance"/"closedness".


ps: I reserved a speed dial for u since i came back but i forgot yr #. =P (i.e. u should feel honoured)

hL said...

pps: is tht the nokia n70?? =P

crushedguava said...

aiyo. speed dial. use two three times you'll remember who is who already. else if you don't have that many people that you regularly call then it won't matter anyway.

kyh said...

ur mum is so smart huh! who's occupying no.8? ur dad?

youngyew said...

day-dreamer: Haha you are the eldest daughter ah?

hL: Haha I feel so honoured. You honest one or not worrr.. :D Anyway I don't know about the model of that picture, because I simply searched for suitable imaged and grabbed the best-looking one.

crushedguava: Haha true also la... but must praise my genius mum also marr.. :D

kyh: Haha no no, my dad and my mum are sharing the same hand phone. I am not sure who no.8 is anyway.