Monday, June 25, 2007

Leaving for Adelaide

I am leaving for Adelaide tomorrow. Getting ready for five days of driving and sightseeing! :)

p/s: There might not be update here from now until 8 Jun, but if I can get my hand on anything online I will still put in a line or two.


Ka Lip said...

8 Jun?

Wasn't that about two weeks ago?

Haha, anywayz, have fun, you probably won't read this until you get back..

youngyew said...

I AM reading this, Ka Lip. :P

Haha thanks for your wishes. You have fun in Melbourne too. :D Corrected the typo too.

day-dreamer said...

Bon voyage!!

Remember souvenirs for us. :P

Jia Hui said...

Hope I'm not too late.. have fun! =)

Ps: its still 8 jun..

Bethany said...

so how did you like Adelaide

youngyew said...

Thanks for your wishes!

Bethany: Adelaide is great! :) Different from Melbourne, but both are lovable.