Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Old "My Little Moments"

I started this blog since 2003, and this blog has been my "cyberspace home", an icon of my online presence. But if you think that my cyberspace existence only began since 2003, you are wrong.

Back in 2000, Eric and I were in a craze of making "personal homepages". In that era the word "blog" was still rather unheard of in human civilisation, let alone in the rustic town of Alor Star. In 2000, personal home page was the in thing. I was in Form 3, still chubby and bouncy, and out of narcissism I decided to make myself known in the inter-web. I borrowed a HTML textbook from Chyuan Wei, and I learnt all the HTML tags like <a>, <i>, <u>, <table> etc from scratch. Then, I wrote the whole home page in Geocities using notepad and created the graphics with some free softwares which I have already forgotten. After one to two weeks, the result was what you see in the homepage.

After successfully creating the fancy homepage, somehow I managed to abandon the whole project. The whole homepage degenerated to a faint memory of my bygone enthusiasm. After a few years, I even managed to forget the password to the whole account. It has been 7 years since I last updated the page, and I seldom mention the existence of this homepage to my friends. For some reasons, Geocities has been such a great site that it preserved my site all the while, despite me not maintaining it for seven years. Eric's old homepage, on the other hand, has unfortunately succumbed to the closure of the hosting company, an event which is not terribly rare in the Internet industry.

So you are in luck. Have a good look at Chang Yang's® Personal Homepage. Meanwhile I will forgive you for laughing at my deplorable language. ;)

Thanks to Heng Liang, I am reminded of my old homepage today. After some password-recovery processes, I managed to obtain a new password and now I am a happy owner of the said Geocities account again! Haha I don't know, I might update this site when I am in mood in the future.


day-dreamer said...

Cute homepage... with cute photos! :P

Sadly, I cannot even remember my Geocities username, where I also build a webpage under the guidance of Prof Dr Eric Fu in Keat Hwa Computer Club way back in 2001, when [u] isn't deprecated yet.

Eric Fu said...

It's really sad that they deleted my site...

Anonymous said...


i can still remember ur previous signature. haha.. almost like Zaini Lipas's signature. it's damn funny.
remember we used to sit in the class to 'design' our new signatures? haha. but ya, i hv changed my signature again since i came here. (and u havent seen it before...:P)

2000- that was when we sat together in 3A1 rite?
miss the good old days...


sophisticatedsoul said...

Hah. I've seen this webpage before.

Good for you that it's still there. Not too long ago I went searching for my old webpages but they are somehow no more there. They are hosted on Geocities also. Blame my memory for forgetting the URLs and username. :(

youngyew said...

day-dreamer: Haha thanks for your compliment eh.. Anyway <u> is still in use lar, although CSS allows more control about content styles. :)

eric: Do you still have the files locally? I forgot what yours look like already.

YP: Yeah those were the days eh! I could still remember how I "redesigned" my signature after being impressed by your stylistic signature. :P

sophisticatedsoul: Haha how come you have seen it before? Did I show it to you? Anyway how could you forget your own website's URL? Did you use some fancy names? :P