Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pre-travelling Preparations

Here I embark on
A road trip to Adelaide
The journey begins.
I will be going on a road trip to Adelaide from 26 to 30 Jun, and along the journey I am looking at visiting Great Ocean Road (a must-visit if you come to Melbourne, arguably the best scenic road in the world), Mount Gambier (which has a spectacular blue lake in summer, and unfortunately it's winter now which means the water is... grey), and Kangaroo Island. My travel mates are Xuan Ni, Yong Chin and Freda.

Xuan Ni and I have been making preparations for the trip since a few days ago, and you know, I never knew that planning trip could take so much effort. Finding the cheapest accommodation, estimating the best time for the ferry trip (to Kangaroo Island), booking the hotels one by one, sketching the itinerary for everyday, discussing the travel route etc - it is consuming quite a considerable amount of my time.

Despite my complaints above, throughout the trip-planning I discovered a good pastime - reading travel blogs. Through my research on the road trip, I found a lot of wonderful travel logs written by travellers like us. I never expected so many people to write about their travel experience at length. Their travel blogs are often enlightening, and some I find absolutely amusing. It's amazing how those people know so much about the places that they are going to, and how much joy they derived from visiting places that I would normally consider mundane - lighthouse, conservation park, animal farm, memorials etc. To them each of those places carried its own meaning and history, and it's from the appreciation of the impacts that greatly enhanced their travel experience. I think I should emulate them in my future trips. All those money spent on travelling should not be wasted on only sight-seeing - I should learn and experience the places too.

I strongly recommend everyone to read travel blogs before they go travelling next time. You will learn a lot in the process. Some interesting blogs I read are this, this, and this.


Ai Ling said...

ya, very true! I spent about 2 and a half weeks planning for my 2 weeks hols with CF. So troublesome. Many disagreements. Worse is that we can only talk about it online so we've to wait for each other to be online, taking into account the time difference. :( but anyway, it's all planned well and i cant wait for the it to come! :)

day-dreamer said...

Wah... so envious. Hehe. I think I'll leave those travel blogs when I'm ready to travel. Otherwise I don't know how "red" my eyes can get. Haha.

So... happy travelling! :)

crushedguava said...

how many times you wanna see great ocean road?

you went at least 2 times already right haha?

Yong Chin said...

I wanna express my greatest gratitude to tailou for taking so many effort to plan the road trip. Thanks tailou, you are great! (and xuanni as well). Wel,jz wondering , come,ermm...whenever there r words/paragraph/comments/thought/dua sen etc...there r cf...?

sophisticatedsoul said...

Yeah, talking about planning for trips, it is indeed true when people say going for holidays only increase your stress level and not the other way round. :D

youngyew said...

ai ling: Now that the trip was over, I must say that all the planning was worth it. :)

day-dreamer: My eyes are always red too whenever I read about great food on your blog. :P

crushedguava: Haha yeah two times were not enough. But I guess the third time was quite enough. I am thinking of exploring other parts of GOR next time, like the Otway National Park. It seems quite good from the brochures.

yong chin: Haha my pleasure... :D

sophisticatedsoul: Stress before the trip, total enjoyment during the trip. :P