Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Little Moments

I realized that for some reasons my blog has not really been "My Little Moments". Rather, it's become more of "the cool stuff I discovered today in Digg / ReCom / other daily Internet fixes" . But I can't resist the temptation.

I should either change the title or change the content. Perhaps more of the latter.


King Ung said...

my blog "Stand Alone Complex" almost becomes "Stand Alone Feeling". Almost everything that i blog has some connection with my feeling, but not the matter in general sense.

Stand Alone Complex, as illustrated by Frederic Jameson and Masachi Osawa, as well by S.A.C anime/manga, is about how different unrelated events can lead to a general effort/action, although the events might be modified and not original after several information manipulation.

But, what i am blogging now is... writing what i feel from every happening. ==

That is 1 of the reasons that i change the blog description into "4th Dimension and me ~ 四维空间的我"

crushedguava said...

agreed changyang!

you should put more stuff related to yourself.

day-dreamer said...

Honestly I don't see anything wrong with your current "cool discoveries" content, if that's what you feel like blogging about. Hehe.

No point changing to something you don't really enjoy writing. :D

So is there going to be a revolution soon? :P

kimberly said...

i agree with guava (for once) :p
would love to read more bout ur daily life but at the mean time..i like ur interesting stuffs as well..maybe a balance of both?

youngyew said...

king ung: It's great to have posts about yourself. I guess I seldom write about myself because I think of other things more than myself. Or in other words, I am boring. :P

crushedguava: Such as food? :P

day-dreamer: Haha I do enjoy writing about myself too, but I think I write better when it's about other things compared to things about myself. Weird huh.

kimberly: Haha you seldom agree with guava one meh? :D