Monday, June 02, 2008


Swanston Street, Melbourne City
1/80s - f/4.0 - ISO 400 - 50mm


jasmine said...

Hey. This is pretty good. You do have quite an eye for good photo opportunities!

changyang1230 said...

Thanks! I was actually going around the city hunting for photo opportunities, and then as soon as I alighted the tram there was this guy sitting in front of HSBC bank looking dejected, so I snapped the picture lo. There's quite a contrast of wealth and poverty in my opinion, that's why I named it "capitalism" - it's an inevitable fact that we have these two extremes of haves and have nots in our society.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic, nice caption.
:) Your photo skill is getting better each day!

N-C Bond said...


changyang1230 said...


N-C Bond said...

BTW in cantonese this is called "po kai"!