Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Speech by A 12-Year-Old

What were you doing when you were twelve years old?

This girl, Severn Suzuki, gave this speech at a UN Earth Summit for which she received a standing ovation.

I can't help but to be impressed by her conviction and composure during the speech. Yes, we owe this world a better future, and one can't present a case much stronger than this twelve-year-old girl.

p/s: Okay apparently there are reasons to believe that the speech is partly, if not entirely written by her father who is an environmental activist. Kind of take away the magic of "the prodigal prodigious daughter". But still it doesn't detract from the validity of her message, and her pretty good speaking skills.


Anonymous said...

im not sure but I think she wrote a letter to Dr M. He replied a letter to her, telling her how the East Malaysians relied heavily on timber industry. He asked her to 'inform her dad' that banning this industry means they have to starve, and the children wont be able to go to school.....



hhhcce said...

Young Yew, prodigal means a person who spends his/her money wastefully.

changyang1230 said...

YP: Haha, Dr. M doesn't make sense lar. We do all our things with oil money, timber money sap sap sui, got or not also never mind lar. Got oil money we can do anything one.

hhhcce: Whooops. All the while I thought prodigal is the adjective form of "prodigy". :P Thanks for your correction.

Anonymous said...

A very good speech from a young girl with great speaking skill. I enjoyed it a lot!:)


changyang1230 said...

Glad that you liked it.