Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Relaxing Game

I love the music in this game. Such a piece of music makes me regret not having learnt any musical instrument. :(


Ka Lip said...


It's never too late to learn. You just need to find an instrument. The simple nice pieces don't always need a lot of skill

Eric Fu said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely game!

sophisticatedsoul said...

Such simple instruction but I missed it.

"Collect the shapes to earn points.
Yellow shapes are good.
Red shapes are bad."

When the game started, I just waited on and on for yellow shapes to appear, not realizing the rest of the shapes can be collected as well.

Dumb me!! Lol.

Joannetmj said...

Never too late to learn a musical instrument.. or anything, for that matter. :-D

SilverIsle said...

Nooi Hoay, I just wanna let you know that, you're not alone! =P

changyang1230 said...

kalip / joanne: Hehe you be my teacher? :P

Eric: No worries!

sophisticatedsoul & silverisle: LOL! :D

4seasonspring said...

lol, I like the music more than the game itself!

changyang, do you have any idea what's the name of the background music?=D

anyone who has the piano score on that piece, do send it to my email at:

thx in advanced

adeline93 said...

wahaha 1977580,69 combo!!

4seasonspring's sister here=P