Sunday, June 29, 2008

George Kamikawa at Melbourne

George Kamikawa
1/320s - f/1.8 - ISO 400 - 50mm

The other day I was out taking photos with Shou Farn around Melbourne. As we walked down Bourke Street (a major shopping strip in the city), we saw this interesting Japanese busker singing some English songs. The amazing thing was, apart from singing, he managed to play guitar, harmonica and beat a little "foot drum" all at the same time. I was so engrossed in the refreshing, soulful renditions of his original songs, and I am pretty sure the large crowd felt the same too. It was interesting that while he sang in near-perfect US accent; at the end of every song, he actually talked to his spectators with a thick Japanese accent.

After fishing around the Internet, I learned that this guy is called George Kamikawa, and he's quite famous in Melbourne. He plays in some bars around Melbourne as well as busking on Bourke Street regularly. (How I managed to miss him all the while I don't know) He also has a pretty fancy personal website.

Enjoy the video below, and look under "related videos" for more!

That was aBsolutely blurrdy brilliant, to quote Amanda Holden.


hsiu yinn said...

hey cy ! haha don't know how u've never seen him before after these years, but you probably don't walk along burke st as much as i do. i've seen him perform a couple of times and he's never failed to amaze me. interesting post btw, at least i'll know his name the next time i come across him :)
btw, whn is xuan ni coming back ? she told me before, and i forgot

changyang1230 said...

Haha Hsiu Yinn what do you do at Bourke St so often? Shopping? :D

Xuan Ni is back on the 19th, two days before the semester begins.