Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Download Firefox 3 Now!

Download Day - English

Firefox 3, the latest version of my favourite browser has just been released! Go get it now!

Download it here.

If you are still using Internet Explorer, you should try out Firefox just for one or two days (and try out the add-ons while you are at it) to understand why I have ditched Internet Explorer since five years ago. For starters, check out some tips and tricks I wrote when Firefox 2 was released.

If you are using Opera or Safari... Well we shouldn't quarrel. :D

Update: Tada!



day-dreamer said...

Huh I thought last week it was still in Beta or what...

Well yeah, the conclusion is IE sucks! LOL~ I'll never forget you as the one who introduced me to Firefox... been a loyal user since. :P

wei liang said...

Yeah, I started using Firefox since fervent introduction by you haha! But just that some of the webpage still have the compatibility issues with it. Anyway, Firefox rocks!!

Eric Fu said...

Why did I not get a Thank You page? Unfair! :)

Anyway, apparently you have "touched" a lot of user's life by introducing Firefox to them. Was I one of them? Did you introduce Firefox to me?

crushedguava said...

Should've thought twice before downloading! Add-ons not compatible!! Lol.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't i get the thank you page either? Eww!

Anyway, i am a big opera fan now. :P But honestly, the firefox three is better overall compared to previous versions.

And yay! My computer has been spyware free since, i don't know, perhaps the time i started using Firefox?


changyang1230 said...

day-dreamer: Haha yea, the beta and the alpha have been available for at least half a year now. But those were for "testing purposes" so they weren't released into the public.

wei liang: Haha Chang Yang KBE Esq Firefox evangelist. :P

Eric & WK: Get it here. You don't get it automatically. It's a link you can follow from the Firefox website.

WK: EEew Firefox traitor.

Crushedguava: Ooh? Which add-on? You can do some trick to make it compatible again. Will let you know if you are interested. :D

wei liang said...

Actually some of my add-ons aren't compatible too. One of them is Dictionary Tooltip. Perhaps you can teach me;). I'm trying Hyperwords but it isn't good compared to the aforementioned.

crushedguava said...

tab mix plus isn't working. now i cannot reopen a closed tab by clicking the mouse wheel.

ccc said...

I like firefox too.
But sadly it can't display some of the website as it is. Still need to go back to internet explorer at times.

day-dreamer said...

ccc you can try IE tab. Just click a small icon on the bottom on the page and it will be opened using IE in the same tab of the Firefox window.

wei liang said...

Dictionary Tooltip just upgraded to a newer version and it's compatible with FF3. Great! Thanks anyway!

Casper said...

I still think opera wins hehehe... Came to that conclusion after managing to break my addiction to the extensions wakaka

changyang1230 said...

Wei Liang: Hehe good on you! :)

crushedguava: Tab Mix Plus developer build is compatible with Firefox 3, and most users found no major problem with it. You can visit this page for more information, and click the "dev-build" at the first post to download.

ccc: Yup, for those funny websites that can't be displayed properly in Firefox, use IE Tab addon as recommended by day-dreamer. It will open up any page in IE right inside the Firefox window.

casper: Haha good for you, for me I can't live without forecastfox, greasemonkey (I know Opera has it but the implementation is clunky), FireFTP, DownThemAll, Adblock plus etc. :P And the Google Reader problem. Grr.