Sunday, July 27, 2008

After One Week

I am exhausted. After one week, all I realise is that my time management skills is virtually non-existent.

Will fill in more details when I have time. I am gonna spend more than two hours travelling on trains and buses everyday for the next six week.

I am optimistic, but I am still learning how best to learn.


day-dreamer said...

All the best! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh i can imagine that buddy. Hang in there!


Jyue Loh said...

Chang Yang, I could say that I had never heard you say you are exhausted. To me, Chang Yang is about to be the unbeatable one. Anyway, I may had forgotten that you are also human being.

Live at the present moment and you will find the unfavourable feeling disappear gradually!

changyang1230 said...


Jyue, I am actually enjoying the process now. For me the burden is more of a physical tiredness instead of mental exhaustion. So I am forging ahead strongly at the moment. Thanks for the wishes!