Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back to School

austin03 (by changyang1230)The long, careless holidays are coming to an end, and I am going back to "school" today.

I am now officially a clinical student, and this is the stage where everyone starts to get a taste of the real medical life. This semester I have a grueling 19-week timetable without a break in Austin Hospital and Northern Hospital. My travel time is going to be 40 minutes and 60 minutes respectively via buses and trains.

I guess I am about to know how true all those "Melbourne public transport sucks" complaints are.

Image Credit: Major Projects in Victoria - Austin Hospital


day-dreamer said...

Happy becoming a student again! Hehe. :D

Yew TW said...

all the best in ur clinical journey mate!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, don't even remind me about the fact that holidays are ending. Same here and i am definitely not looking towards to school for the simple reason that work is so much fun. Anyway, 40 and 60 mins? Thats like from west to east on the greenline in the god's land. I am sure time passes fast anyway ify ou bring your SLR along everyday, apart from your sthethoscope.



RJ said...

I suppose this will be a great exposure.

Not sure if which sucks more - Melbourne public transport or KL public transport. But I guess KL beats it! :p

crushedguava said...

This semester I have a grueling 19-week timetable without a break in St Vincent's Hospital, Geelong Hospital, and Warnambool. My travel time is going to be 10 minutes, 60 minutes, and 270 minutes respectively via foot, car, and car.

Sorry. Just couldn't resist.


changyang1230 said...

day-dreamer, Tong Wei: Thanks!

Winson: Eeew. Anyway I think it's smaller than Pulau Pinang?

rj: Haha no one can match KL la.

crushedguava: Haha cannot compare lidet la.