Thursday, July 03, 2008

Where Is My Tram?


If you are a Melburnian, try out this website called Just click on the tram line you are interested in, and choose "show estimated position of tram" - you then get to "spy" on your trams, and the dots representing trams actually move on the map! If you click on a particular tram stops, you also get to view the time table for that stop on your right. Very handy indeed.

It's not specifically mentioned, but I believe that the estimated tram position is based on the time table instead of the real-time tram tracking system as employed by Yarra Tram's Tramtracker. But oh well, it's so much fancier than the Tramtracker, and this website doesn't cost a single cent to use. :)

[via Melbourne Metblog]


Casper said...

Hmm... should i need to track the position on the move I will still get charged by the cellsignal provider :P

Anyway, I think I'll just continue to use the trusty time-tables pasted at the stations for easy and money-efficient tracking kekeke

changyang1230 said...

Haha yea sometimes old school technology is still the best. :D