Friday, July 11, 2008

Great Ocean Road (Again!)

I have been to the Great Ocean Road three times.

IMG_5954 (by changyang1230) IMG_5974 (by changyang1230)
Mar 2005: Back in my first year, I joined some coursemates for a trip to Great Ocean Road. I was a pure tourist and was not involved in any sort of planning. Needless to say, I was awestruck by the breathtaking scenery that spanned the whole length of the limestone coast. As the first-time tourist, I took picture with the sign at the entrance of the Twelve Apostles. I never did that again in my subsequent visits.

IMG_8308 (by changyang1230) IMG_8282 (by changyang1230)
Sep 2005: My parents and two of my sisters came to visit me in Melbourne, and I obligingly brought them to Great Ocean Road. This time we hired a car and I planned all our journeys. Since Great Ocean Road is just one hell of a long seaside winding road (more than 200km in total), there actually wasn't much to plan. :P

DSC08111a (by changyang1230) DSC08077 (by changyang1230)
Jul 2007: Yong Chin, Freda, Xuan Ni and I organised a road trip to Adelaide, and since Yong Chin and Freda have never been to the Great Ocean Road, we decided to take the route although it's slightly longer. It's funny that while yours truly was again (for the third time) exhilarated by the seascape; Yong Chin and Freda slept almost throughout the whole drive. :P

Question! (by -bast-)
Jul 2008: Another trip to Great Ocean Road in six hours. This time I am going with nine other Fotoholics. I hope that the two days are going to be a blast! :)


day-dreamer said...

I suppose we can all anticipate more breathtaking photos here again. ;)

WP said...

It certainly looks beautiful!

RJ said...

Hahaha, you might need to go there for one more time if I had the opportunity to visit Australia!! :)

I'm definitely certain that there'll be more great pics!

Anonymous said...

And maybe the 5th one next year around this time? With me? ;)

Happy Photo Whoring!


jasmine said...

Hope you enjoy this trip even more! =)

wei liang said...

But you are now equipped with more photography skills! Hehe. Have a joyful trip!

Eric Fu said...

With me too! When I visit Australia...

Do enjoy yuourself!