Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Greenery in Melbourne

IMG_5761 (by changyang1230)
Melbourne is considered to be Australia's garden city, and Victoria as the Garden State. Back in the 19th century, some officials decided to set aside large tracts of land around the city for open space and parks, and a substantial amount of those parks remained until today, filling the Melbourne map with huge green patches. As any sightseer would notice immediately, in many places you would come across rows of trees accompanied by a backdrop of skyscrapers...

IMG_6525 (by changyang1230)
... and trees among shop lots.

IMG_6026 (by changyang1230)
In Malaysia, we have "airport in the forest, forest in the airport". But in Melbourne, we have construction cranes in the park (haha not really, they are far away in the city).

IMG_5915 (by changyang1230)
We are now in early winter,

IMG_6005 (by changyang1230)
so we are fortunate to behold the sights of trees with ostentatious colours,

IMG_5844 (by changyang1230)
as well as tress with premature baldness.

IMG_5802 (by changyang1230)
In many places, there are footpaths that encircle the whole park, so you are bound to come across casual joggers,

IMG_5789 (by changyang1230)

IMG_5833 (by changyang1230)
and surprised-by-a-photographer jogggers.

Royal Park (by changyang1230)
Parks may be a cliche hangout place for many, but I believe it will never get old.

IMG_5776 (by changyang1230)
Because you will never be wrong with its abundant greenness...

IMG_6239 (by changyang1230)
... and blueness.


Ka Lip said...

You're turning out to be quite the photographer.. I'm so proud of you...lol

day-dreamer said...

I especially love that maple leaf shot! :D

RJ said...

Nice pics!!!!!! :)

Jin Ye said...

Love those clouds

Chiu Pin Teo said...

beautiful pictures! love the maple leaf :P

changyang1230 said...

Thanks! :) I am still trying to improve on my nature photography, I feel that it's one of my weakest areas...