Friday, June 16, 2006

Tag Fun (Again?!)

Thanks to See Hua, I have to do this tagging thing again, and this task is even more difficult than the last one, owing to its abstract nature.. :P

Okay, before I continue, I shall proclaim that I will not tag others this time, since I don't want another boomerang. This tagging thing gets quite sick and un-entertaining after some time.

Here goes: 10 things that make happy everyday...

1. Being able to live with people whom I treasure and who treasure me.
2. Waking up to realize that I am still living and doing something meaningful.
3. Realizing that there are people who think of me at this very moment.
4. Knowing there are so many exciting things out there, for me to discover.
5. Talk to friends, really good friends.
6. Learning new things, both online and from books!
7. Knowing that there will always be justice one day.
8. Listening to music and singing along.
9. Being free yet occupied.
10. Eat.

I am pretty happy huh? :D