Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Can See My House!

I guess almost everyone who has used Internet long enough would have known the existence of Google Earth, and its sister project, Google Maps.

Basically, these two are the whole-earth satellite images that are free for public access. Last year, I enthusiastically tried it out in my Melbourne apartment and "visited" a few places such as Melbourne, University of Cambridge, University of Surabaya, University of Michigan and most important of all, my home.

For the first few maps, the map resolution (the clearness of the fine details) are superb - I can see every single car and house clearly. But for my home in Alor Star, I was utterly disappointed. Despite my very best effort, all I saw was a fine water line which I recognized as Sungai Kedah, and a glob of indiscrete houses which I barely recognized as "housing areas". And I couldn't even estimate where my house was, not to mention to pinpoint where it is.

I gave it up since then, and I thought probably Alor Star just wasn't a city important enough to feature a high-resolution map.

Today, however, Michelle amazed me with her post about her hometown. I thought, eih, Michelle came from Kuching right, how come she can see so many high-resolution pictures one? To quench my curiosity, I decided to have a look on the Google Map, to see what's happening to Kuching map and Alor Star map.

I couldn't contain my excitement when I saw it. I could see it - *my house and *my school! Yes, it is shown with amazing details, and for the first time I realized that the roof of my house is U-shaped! *Yee Pin, I can see your house too! *Winson! The biggest surprise - the *St. John Garden in my school!! I have yet to find other's house like Xuan Ni's yet, KL is too complicated for to search... :P

Haha, thanks Google Maps, you made my day!

*Note: In the links, the said structure is in the middle of the map.


StanleyYP said...

omgeed...i must close my window when i change dy.....:P

Eric Fu said...

Oh my God... Nobody wants to see you lah, Tan Sri =)

ShouFarn said...

wow, sweet.

I used google earth to look at melbourne last year, but my apartment was still a construction site inside the map. Lost my faith in its accuracy because of that and deleted the program lol.

Maybe i should get it again.

Eric Fu said...

I guess Ann Arbor is too small for Google Earth to feature a high resolution satellite map.

youngyew said...

Stanleyyp: Haha, siao arr, I second Eric. :P Anyway, this is not a live video lar, it's a picture.

Eric Fu: I saw your house before, Eric. Just google your address, and you will be linked to the high-resolution map.

Shoufarn: Haha, where do you live in? Yeah, they have increased the resolution to a great extent! Last time College Square and Melbourne University was covered by a huge chunk of cloud. :P

ShouFarn said...

Seasons Apartments. It was still underconstruction the last i saw it. THere was this vague white square and a gap in between it and Uropa. Which isn't there after it was fully built.

StanleyYP said...

ahaha.... hard to say....

ar...too many trees in Taman might take u a while to find xuanni's apartment....