Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tag (not so) Fun...

I know this blog is getting boring, even the red dot is a bit of stale joke after 2 minutes. =P Then I remembered, I haven't replied to Jiun Wuu's tag, and therefore here it is, the tag fun version 3!

4 jobs I would stink at:
1. Promoter (I can't imagine people come asking me what textile this or that shirt is made of)
2. Waiter (You have to see how clumsy I am)
3. Home Delivery (Haha, I would be sacked in no time, for my good procrastination skill)
4. Highway Toll Cashier (Arrgh, I can't stand being enclosed in a 3-square-foot cubicle for the whole day, with an additional stake of some molestor's hand... :P)

4 nicknames I'm making up for myself:
1. Mek Mek (Primary school I think... n. Chinese "goat")
2. You Char Goi (Primary school... n. Hokkien "Paired dumpling", homophone of "you")
3. Can't think of any more... (haha, got but is private and confidential...)

4 movies I can watch over&over:
1. The Matrix (Very philosophical and visually appealing)
2. The Green Mile (Actually just watched it 9 hours ago, but it's so touching I think I will come back to it in the future)
3. A Beautiful Mind (I like to watch this kind of profound movie... Depressing yet uplifting at the same time)
4. The Sound of Music (It's so nice!!)

4 things I love to do on weekends:
1. Sleep
2. Pak Tor.. :P
3. Surf online, participate in forum.
4. Listen to songs!

4 alcoholic baverages I enjoy from time to time:
1. No, I seldom drink. I get rashes all over my body.. :(

4 fantastic destination I would like to go before I pass out:
1. Chile
2. Hawaii
3. Paris
4. New York City

4 celebrities I would go on a Big Date with:
1. Eer, due to the sensitive nature of this question, can I skip it? :P

4 objects I could not live without:
1. Computer
2. Digital camera (not as much as computer, but recently rekindled interest)
3. My PDA
4. Mozilla Firefox!!

4 gadgets I do not have which I would quite like to have:
1. Car
2. Digital SLR Camera
3. A surround speaker system in a sound-proof room!
4. iPod would be good, but not necessary.

4 wannable friends tagged:
Not now... Scared already!

Conclusion: Aiks, I realized that I am such a geek, almost everything I mentioned in each category has got something to do with computer and technology... :P


Eric Fu said...

Tagging fad is on!

Casper said...

hey, which pda are you using now?

i am currently using a warranty-void-due-to-hacking xda mini s... :p

day-dreamer said...

I remember hor.... long time ago hor.... someone's nickname in ICQ is call "goatie" lo....


youngyew said...

Eric Fu: Haha, maybe I should have invited you to join the fad. :D

Casper: I am using Zire 72s, one of the old models. I am very satisfied with this model, its performance is amazing. But there is no WiFi feature though. Haha, what hacking did you do to your Xda mini?

Day-dreamer: Wah, you remember it? I have already forgotten about the goatie nick.. :P

Eric Fu said...

Mr Yew,

Can I request for a tag waive? =)

Eric Fu

Casper said...

haha..what hackiing ar...

let me see..i installed a custom firmware from t-mobile.. so that i can get the high quality bluetooth feature working (original firmware din include that)

modded the interface for eye-candy..looks like in vista in portable form now.. hehe...

tweaked d registry for max performance... hehe...

so far that's all.. hehe... and my bluetooth headphones/phone combination is just great.. although i have a beta ROM with it now... :P

youngyew said...

Eric Fu: NO! :P

Casper: Wahh you do so many things, not scared the PDA will break down?