Wednesday, October 03, 2007

At the Hospital Entrance

april30_transport_taxi3_webEveryday I enter the hospital early in the morning and leave for home in late afternoon. There's this hospital main entrance which I pass through everyday. Guess what I see every time as I pass through that area?


Or to be precise, a number of patients, some on wheelchairs, some with their drips on, who come out to have a puff.

Also, the ground in front of the hospital is littered with cigarette butts.

Isn't it ironic?

p/s: I have no prejudice against smokers (in particular, their choosing to smoke / not able to pull out from the habit despite knowing the adverse effects). This post is just reflecting on the irony of having smokers crowding a hospital entrance. I am in no way judgmental towards patients based no their smoking habit.


Ka Lip said...

Haha.. good for you that you're not judgmental. I, on the other hand, am extremely judgmental.

I wish I could be a bit more like you...actually.. I don't! I enjoy being judgmental, especially against smokers :)

WP said...

What...the doctors don't forbid their patients from smoking?

youngyew said...

Haha when you say you are judgmental to smokers, what sort of attitude or action change does that make in you, ka lip? If it doesn't really change the way you treat them, I guess it isn't really a "bad" sort of judgmental attitude anyway.

wp, no the doctors would advise patients to stop smoking, but there's nothing to prevent patients from smoking in front of the hospital entrance. They are smoking at the entrance because it's banned inside the hospital complex.

Ka Lip said...

Haha, I will be a terrible doctor one day.

I would probably say to them "You shouldn't smoke.. it's up to you to stop, as I can't make you stop. If you want to can go to H*** for all I care!" (lol)

PS: I actually said something along those lines during one of our PBL discussions. Although it was related to something a bit more 'serious' than smoking.

Haha..I should probably stop 'advertising' my immoral ways on your blog..