Monday, October 01, 2007

Pathetic Parents

At around 7am this morning, when I was walking to the hospital, I saw this family where the parents pushed their little baby on a pram for what appeared to be a morning walk. They seemed to be such lovely parents, and I told myself that I will emulate them when I become a parent in the future.

The next second, some smoke found its way and wafted into my nose. Naturally, I looked for the source of the nuisance. I literally recoiled when my eyes met the sight - the dad was puffing away on a cigarette, and the mum is enjoying one herself too. They seemed to be pretty engrossed in their conversation, and while they enjoyed their outing, the baby slept calmly, being totally unaware of the health hazards his parents were exposing him to.

How pathetic.

I am not a proponent of draconian legalism, but for a moment I seriously thought that we should punish parents who jeopardize their little kid's health irresponsibly. They don't deserve to be parents.

For a second, I also thought about something: Is it ever appropriate for a person (like myself) to approach the parents and advise them about their irresponsible deed? As a medical student? And if/when I become a doctor in the future, is there a moral obligation, and is it socially appropriate for such an advice?

Regardless, pathetic is the word of the day. Pathetic parents with a pitiful kid.

Image credit: 'Healthy' children with smoking parents aren't really so healthy


day-dreamer said...

I pity that kid too.

In fact, I pity my neighbour's children because their father comes back every weekend and smoke outside the house while the kids are playing. Needless to say, we as their neighbours suffer too. :(

youngyew said...

Arggh. That must be really bad. :(

bluez_aspic said...

Funny I actually saw a similar incident on the same day - though swap parents for grandparents, 7 am for noon, and Royal Melbourne for Royal Women's.

youngyew said...

Haha actually it's more coincidental than that - my story actually happened in front of Royal Women's hospital when I was on the way to Royal Melbourne's.

jasmine said...

it's really funny+entertaining the way you wrote this post.:)
"pathetic is the word of the day"!! haha.

i've thot about ticking people off too. but i've never dared to do that.

i guess even if, you do have that moral obligation to advise, you'll risk getting scolded for all your good will. and i'm sure most parents know how bad smoke is. they are just too addicted.

youngyew said...

Jasmine: Yeah, but sometimes I thought my inaction might be costing the baby's health...

Jyue said...

First, I would like to quote what u had said "I told myself that I will emulate them when I become a parent in the future." It really sounds great as I seldom hear guy saying out such a great feeling. Well, may you be a good dad some day!

Ermmm,I find that your blog is quite informative and I can see you are trying share what you wish to with us. If we realise how the circle of life goes on, we would understand, or precisely, sense what is the true meaning of life.

May your patients and you yourself be well and happy!